Friday, September 23, 2011

Going back to college after 15 years.My Yoga class in Mumbai University

It was raining heavily. Stress was tremendous. I wanted reach Yoga class on time.It's difficult to study anything after a long gap of 15 years. Taking care of kids, cooking for them, attending phone calls from patients and then reaching Mumbai university on time, it was difficult.Sindhu, my friend told me to reach Home TOWN in Vikhroli at 1.30p.m. so that we can go together.I reached early,she was not able to leave her office before 1.30. I waited for her. After 1.30 we left to go to the University. Traffic was moving at snail's speed. We thought we will be late, but we reached just in time.
I felt the same feelings which I had of going to college 15 years back. It was raining heavily.The cool breeze was blowing. I hardly ever had time to experience the cool breeze in my hectic schedule.
Dr. Pushpa started teaching Yoga.Prarthana pose : A bit difficult, initially I was swaying but later on I could do that asan as Dr. Pushpa told us it is common that you will have that feeling.
Then she started teaching meditation.It was a very relaxing experience.Dr. Pushpa was telling us to experience the different sounds.The sounds were very pleasing.The sound of heavy rains lashing the windows. Pushpa madam was making us feel relaxed with her gentle words.
"Excellent!, Yoga personified, ". These words were encouraging us and making us feel better.
A pleasant experience. Sometimes we would hear cuckoo sing, birds chirping,suddenly there was a sound of aeroplane.We hardly ever have time to listen to the different sounds, pleasant sounds which are soothing and relax our minds.The rains became more and more heavy,the atmosphere more and more pleasant.Some pleasant memories associated with heavy rains, though no memories exactly crossed my mind as I was meditating, I felt really good,that could be bliss.

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