Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I had just completed my B.H.M.S. I would tell my parents to get their blood tests done once in a year. The reports would always come normal. But one day my mother’s report showed high blood sugar.  SUGAR was present in urine also.
I was almost in tears as I had seen the sufferings of diabetic patients.I broke the news to my mother. But my mother is very strong although she felt bad she did not reveal it . I called up my Sir who is a very senior homeopathic doctor, Dr. Dhavale and who has treated a large number of diabetic patients.I took my mother to their clinic. But Dr. Dhavale was not there. I met Dr. Sunil Bhalinge who was also working with him. I was a bit hesitant , as I wanted to meet Dr. Dhavale but as Dr. Sunil was also senior I decided to consult him.But over a period of time I realized Dr. Sunil is a wonderful doctor. My mother’s blood sugar started coming to normal. Later my mother also met Dr. Dhavale. It took months for the blood sugar to come to normal as stress is one of the reason for high blood sugar. The blood sugar remained normal for many years with slight fluctuation but there was no presence of sugar in the urine.I am grateful to Dr. Sunil Bhalinge and also Dr. Dhawale for having intelligent, efficient doctors like Dr.Sunil in his organisation.
One day my mother developed very high fever as she received the news that her mother was very serious. She was out station and had just returned when the news came.
We had to admit her. Our family doctor Dr.Saroj Bali who is a physician and Dr.TANDON who is a cardiologist but they have high respect for Homeopathy told us that in fever the blood sugar rises and we will have to start insulin. Once admitted she was on insulin.Dr. Sunil had come to see her when she was admitted.My mother was very much pleased and happy. It is the doctor's presence,his motivation and advice help the patient to get well soon.My mother felt better after few days but she had to be on insulin. Once again I realized stress was responsible for all these things. I would say every system of medicine has it’s own limitation. Allopathy is best for emergencies. Homeopathy is best for chronic conditions, allergic disorders and all the conditions when the patient becomes stable. My mother was not at all comfortable with taking insulin injections. She pleaded with us , do something I can’t take injections daily. We met Dr. Sunil, re case taking was done. Stress was something which was a reason to worry. I thought and thought. I found the answer. Yoga, meditation is the only way to reduce stress. When you are born on this earth , stress will be a part of your life. Everyone has stress. A difficult question, how to relieve stress. Yoga, meditation will relieve your stress. It is spoken by the Lord Eshwar Krishna himself. Yoga relieves your stress, shows us the way to live your life. As we learn Yoga in depth we realize it is not only physical exercises but it purifies your mind as well. As I am doing Diploma in Yoga , I am blessed with many good teachers. When you are learning theory, the Eight fold path, somewhere you feel ‘Yes we should follow this path’. This will bring us true happiness i.e bliss. You come in an entirely new world away from competitions, worries of day to day life. I feel Yoga should reach maximum number of people so that everyone can lead a healthy life.
I decided to enroll my mother for Yoga class. I went to Swami Vivekananda Yoga class in Chembur. I met Mr. Mohan Sharma. I felt lot of positivity after meeting him. He told me to send my mother next day. My mother was not ready, as she will have to wear salwar kameez for Yoga class. I told her Sir told me you can do Yoga wearing saree also. Another reason which my mother had was that she was 54 years old, this not the time to learn anything. However I explained her everything and left. She attended her YOGA CLASS. On the first day she met parents of all her students as my mother is a teacher. She was welcomed by everyone. Later she realized it is not possible to do Yoga wearing a saree. She started wearing salwar kameez although she would change to saree before coming home. Mohan Sharma sir and Anita madam were very cooperative.
Diet : Diet is very very important in treating diabetes.When I was listening to the lecture on Sattvik food, Rajasik and Tamasik food by Pushpa mam, I was really surprised Yoga has given us the knowledge to eat right food which was very well explained by Pushpa mam in Mumbai University.
My brother who is also a homeopathic doctor had a friend who had completed B.H.M.S. and also done specialization in diet and nutrition from U.K. She gave a diet plan and she was very much confident that it brings the blood glucose levels to normal. She also suggested herbal powder along with dietary modifications and asked to check blood sugar after 1 week. As she was younger to us, we did not believe her. My brother said ‘Is it possible, how can you believe in a young doctor,you just believe everyone.’ But my mother tried the diet and to our surprise the blood glucose levels were normal. Now that doctor is  my bhabhi.
It is the combined efforts of Dr.Sunil, Dr. Tandon, Dr.Saroj, Mr.Mohan Sharma (Yoga Sir) and Dr.Varsha and motivation and advice from me and my brother that worked. After this incident I tried on many of my patients, the combination of Yoga, Homeopathic medicines and diet which gives wonderful results. Above all we should have the blessings of the Lord which I strongly believe.
Spirituality helps us to become good human beings. One should have a Guru to whom one can turn when you are in trouble or simply sometimes you are not able to decide what is right or wrong. I am fortunate that I met Prasenjit Prabhuji through my brother. I changed a lot.
I would like to treat as many patients as possible with this line of treatment. It is difficult but not impossible. I have started specialized treatment for diabetes in my clinic. Attached is the details of the line of treatment. I have preserved the reports of my mother and also some of my patients.

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