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Homeopathy is extremely useful in treating Hypertension and diabetes in early stage as soon as it is detected.

Homeopathy believes in individualisation. Individualisation is essential as every individual is different, his lifestyle, eating habits are different. In Homeopathy case taking is done to find out the right Homeopathic remedy.

Important four steps which help in controlling High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Balanced diet


Yoga and Meditation


Treatment at our clinic will include six consultations and follow up to maintain the normal levels and prevent complications.

First Consultation

Case taking to find out the right Homeopathic medicine.

During case taking mental symptoms of the patient are considered. It takes 45-50 minutes for case taking.

During case all the minute details of the patient are considered. His mental symptoms, physical symptoms ,ups and downs he faced in his life, his nature, his emotions, day to day stress, all this is considered and noted.

After analysis and evaluation of symptoms a remedy is selected and administered. After administering Homeopathic medicines the person feels better mentally and physically.

Regular monitoring of B.P. is done.

Investigations are adviced and follow up is maintained.

Thus B.P. and diabetes CAN BE CONTROLLED

Second Consultation

Balanced diet : In India there are different religions and diet of every individual is different. A detail study is made by taking into consideration the amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins , vitamins, folic acid, minerals the patient is consuming in his diet.

Deficiencies are noted and diet is planned by considering his likes, dislikes, his lifestyle and religion.

Third consultation

Exercise : Advice on exercise and Yoga will be given considering the patient’s lifestyle and age.

Fourth Consultation

Help the patient in maintaining a diary.

Maintaining notes helps to know the difficulties patient is facing while following the prescribed diet or exercise and try to simplify or modify it.

Fifth Consultation

Investigations : Investigations to be carried out to know the improvement in the patient.

If satisfactory improvement is there encourage the patient to follow the same advice and medications

If no improvement re-case taking is done.

Sixth consultation

FOLLOW UP :Advice regarding maintaining the normal levels. Advice on wellness and tips to remain healthy and happy


I had just completed my B.H.M.S. I would tell my parents to get their blood tests done once in a year. The reports would always come normal. But one day my mother’s report showed high blood sugar.  SUGAR was present in urine also.
I was almost in tears as I had seen the sufferings of diabetic patients.I broke the news to my mother. But my mother is very strong although she felt bad she did not reveal it . I called up my Sir who is a very senior homeopathic doctor, Dr. Dhavale and who has treated a large number of diabetic patients.I took my mother to their clinic. But Dr. Dhavale was not there. I met Dr. Sunil Bhalinge who was also working with him. I was a bit hesitant , as I wanted to meet Dr. Dhavale but as Dr. Sunil was also senior I decided to consult him.But over a period of time I realized Dr. Sunil is a wonderful doctor. My mother’s blood sugar started coming to normal. Later my mother also met Dr. Dhavale. It took months for the blood sugar to come to normal as stress is one of the reason for high blood sugar. The blood sugar remained normal for many years with slight fluctuation but there was no presence of sugar in the urine.I am grateful to Dr. Sunil Bhalinge and also Dr. Dhawale for having intelligent, efficient doctors like Dr.Sunil in his organisation.
One day my mother developed very high fever as she received the news that her mother was very serious. She was out station and had just returned when the news came.
We had to admit her. Our family doctor Dr.Saroj Bali who is a physician and Dr.TANDON who is a cardiologist but they have high respect for Homeopathy told us that in fever the blood sugar rises and we will have to start insulin. Once admitted she was on insulin.Dr. Sunil had come to see her when she was admitted.My mother was very much pleased and happy. It is the doctor's presence,his motivation and advice help the patient to get well soon.My mother felt better after few days but she had to be on insulin. Once again I realized stress was responsible for all these things. I would say every system of medicine has it’s own limitation. Allopathy is best for emergencies. Homeopathy is best for chronic conditions, allergic disorders and all the conditions when the patient becomes stable. My mother was not at all comfortable with taking insulin injections. She pleaded with us , do something I can’t take injections daily. We met Dr. Sunil, re case taking was done. Stress was something which was a reason to worry. I thought and thought. I found the answer. Yoga, meditation is the only way to reduce stress. When you are born on this earth , stress will be a part of your life. Everyone has stress. A difficult question, how to relieve stress. Yoga, meditation will relieve your stress. It is spoken by the Lord Eshwar Krishna himself. Yoga relieves your stress, shows us the way to live your life. As we learn Yoga in depth we realize it is not only physical exercises but it purifies your mind as well. As I am doing Diploma in Yoga , I am blessed with many good teachers. When you are learning theory, the Eight fold path, somewhere you feel ‘Yes we should follow this path’. This will bring us true happiness i.e bliss. You come in an entirely new world away from competitions, worries of day to day life. I feel Yoga should reach maximum number of people so that everyone can lead a healthy life.
I decided to enroll my mother for Yoga class. I went to Swami Vivekananda Yoga class in Chembur. I met Mr. Mohan Sharma. I felt lot of positivity after meeting him. He told me to send my mother next day. My mother was not ready, as she will have to wear salwar kameez for Yoga class. I told her Sir told me you can do Yoga wearing saree also. Another reason which my mother had was that she was 54 years old, this not the time to learn anything. However I explained her everything and left. She attended her YOGA CLASS. On the first day she met parents of all her students as my mother is a teacher. She was welcomed by everyone. Later she realized it is not possible to do Yoga wearing a saree. She started wearing salwar kameez although she would change to saree before coming home. Mohan Sharma sir and Anita madam were very cooperative.
Diet : Diet is very very important in treating diabetes.When I was listening to the lecture on Sattvik food, Rajasik and Tamasik food by Pushpa mam, I was really surprised Yoga has given us the knowledge to eat right food which was very well explained by Pushpa mam in Mumbai University.
My brother who is also a homeopathic doctor had a friend who had completed B.H.M.S. and also done specialization in diet and nutrition from U.K. She gave a diet plan and she was very much confident that it brings the blood glucose levels to normal. She also suggested herbal powder along with dietary modifications and asked to check blood sugar after 1 week. As she was younger to us, we did not believe her. My brother said ‘Is it possible, how can you believe in a young doctor,you just believe everyone.’ But my mother tried the diet and to our surprise the blood glucose levels were normal. Now that doctor is  my bhabhi.
It is the combined efforts of Dr.Sunil, Dr. Tandon, Dr.Saroj, Mr.Mohan Sharma (Yoga Sir) and Dr.Varsha and motivation and advice from me and my brother that worked. After this incident I tried on many of my patients, the combination of Yoga, Homeopathic medicines and diet which gives wonderful results. Above all we should have the blessings of the Lord which I strongly believe.
Spirituality helps us to become good human beings. One should have a Guru to whom one can turn when you are in trouble or simply sometimes you are not able to decide what is right or wrong. I am fortunate that I met Prasenjit Prabhuji through my brother. I changed a lot.
I would like to treat as many patients as possible with this line of treatment. It is difficult but not impossible. I have started specialized treatment for diabetes in my clinic. Attached is the details of the line of treatment. I have preserved the reports of my mother and also some of my patients.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Going back to college after 15 years.My Yoga class in Mumbai University

It was raining heavily. Stress was tremendous. I wanted reach Yoga class on time.It's difficult to study anything after a long gap of 15 years. Taking care of kids, cooking for them, attending phone calls from patients and then reaching Mumbai university on time, it was difficult.Sindhu, my friend told me to reach Home TOWN in Vikhroli at 1.30p.m. so that we can go together.I reached early,she was not able to leave her office before 1.30. I waited for her. After 1.30 we left to go to the University. Traffic was moving at snail's speed. We thought we will be late, but we reached just in time.
I felt the same feelings which I had of going to college 15 years back. It was raining heavily.The cool breeze was blowing. I hardly ever had time to experience the cool breeze in my hectic schedule.
Dr. Pushpa started teaching Yoga.Prarthana pose : A bit difficult, initially I was swaying but later on I could do that asan as Dr. Pushpa told us it is common that you will have that feeling.
Then she started teaching meditation.It was a very relaxing experience.Dr. Pushpa was telling us to experience the different sounds.The sounds were very pleasing.The sound of heavy rains lashing the windows. Pushpa madam was making us feel relaxed with her gentle words.
"Excellent!, Yoga personified, ". These words were encouraging us and making us feel better.
A pleasant experience. Sometimes we would hear cuckoo sing, birds chirping,suddenly there was a sound of aeroplane.We hardly ever have time to listen to the different sounds, pleasant sounds which are soothing and relax our minds.The rains became more and more heavy,the atmosphere more and more pleasant.Some pleasant memories associated with heavy rains, though no memories exactly crossed my mind as I was meditating, I felt really good,that could be bliss.

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Due to stress, sedentary lifestyle, improper timings of food, unhealthy eating habits most of the people suffer from diabetes. The most common answer which I get from my patients is that they have no time for exercise. That's true . Most of them leave the house by 8.30 a.m. and return by
7 p.m or later.
I think companies should give half an hour early morning for Yoga. Some companies do have this facility. This will keep their employees in good health. Eating right food is also important. One should carry atleast one fruit to the office daily. Drink 6-8 glasses of water. Keep some dry fruits like almonds with you. You can have them when you feel tired.Or even simple chana, peanuts are good for health. All these things will keep you healthy.
As soon as diabetes is detected you should start homeopathic medicines.
Important steps in controlling diabetes
  • Medication
  • Diet
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
Homeopathy :Case taking is done to find out the right remedy. During case taking mental and physical symptoms of the patient are considered. It takes 45-50 minutes for case taking. During case taking all the minute details of the patient are considered. His mental symptoms, physical symptoms , ups and downs he faced in his life, his nature, his emotions, day to day stress, all this is considered and noted. After analysis and evaluation of symptoms a remedy is selected and administered.

Diet :
Balanced diet : In India there are different religions and diet of every individual is different. A detail study should be made by taking into consideration the amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins ,vitamins, folic acid, minerals the patient is consuming in his diet.
Deficiencies should be noted and diet should be planned by considering his likes, dislikes, his lifestyle and religion. Plan a diet by making some modifications by adding more servings of fruits and vegetables. A person's diet cannot be changed completely but can be modified into a balanced diet.

  • Avoid anything that contains added sugars such as pedha, barfi, sweets, cold drinks, ice cream, junk food.
  • Natural sugar found in fruits is not harmful. One fruit a day is very helpful in controlling diabetes.
  • Barley water is also very beneficial.
  • Eat fresh jamun whenever they are available.
  • Add methi seeds in dal or sambar.
  • Include more servings of green leafy vegetables, salads and pulses in your diet.
Enrol yourself for Yoga class. It is necessary that you learn pranayam and perform regularly.Meditation will relieve your mental stress.Relaxation of mind is very important as stress increases your blood sugar levels and it is necessary to reduce your mental stress . This can be achieved only by Yoga, meditation. You will feel better mentally and physically.
Remember God when you are meditating.Initially you will find difficult to meditate but you will learn to meditate gradually.

Exercise : Also engage yourself in some physical activity which you enjoy such as jogging, swimming, dancing or playing badminton. Please take doctor's advice and consider your age before starting any exercise program.Go for a walk not because you are having diabetes but just for leisure.Choose a place which is beautiful amidst nature.Watch the surrounding natural beauty and forget your worries.Listen to the chirping of birds early morning, experience the wet grass below your feet.Watch the dew drops on the petals of flowers. Observe the fog and the natural beauty when the fog moves away from the mountains.It looks beautiful.Suddenly if it starts raining don't run away but enjoy the rains. It's O.K. to get wet in the rains once in a while.

Keep a diary to make a note that you have salads,fruits and pulses daily.When I tell my patient's to have pulses,fruits, leafy vegetables, the answer is 'Oh, we have all this daily', but if you observe we have it for 3-4 days in a week.There may be some people who are very particular about diet and exercise. Keeping a note helps us to improve our diet and we know our faults.

Keep your mind happy which is very important.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Homeopathy was discovered by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Christian Fredrich Hahnemann in 1796. He was disillusioned by the system of medicine, it’s side effects and gave up his practice.
He always thought that CURE should take place in a rapid, gentle and permanent way, and health should be restored. The person should feel better mentally and physically and not only just removal of symptoms.
Dr. Hahnemann was working as a medical translator. As he was translating Cullen’s Materia Medica, he came across a sentence that Cinchona bark cures ague fever( malaria). He decided to experiment and he took a small quantity of Cinchona bark. To his surprise he developed symptoms of malaria like fever. He then tested it on his friends and relatives. All of them developed symptoms of malaria like fever. Then he gave a very small quantity of Cinchona bark to patients suffering from malaria and found that they were cured of malaria. Thus Homeopathy was born.
He continued to experiment it with different medical substances.
It is based on the principle of ‘SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURRENTUR’ which means ‘LIKES CURE LIKES’. It means that if a substance is capable of producing disease symptoms in a healthy individual , it also has the capacity to cure the disease when given to a sick individual in an infinitesimal small dose.
If Homeopathy is practiced according to principles laid down by Dr. Hahnemann, CURE takes place in a rapid, gentle and permanent way. Some of the basic principles of Homeopathy as described by Dr. Hahnemann are:
Disease is deviation from health which is known through signs and symptoms.
Disease is disharmonious functioning of the vital force( Life force). Health is harmonious functioning of the vital force leading to a sense of well being. It is the natural tendency of vital force to restore the harmony. This natural tendency in some people is affected by certain hereditary factors leading to chronic relapsing states of ill health, generally difficult to cure. Thus, Hahnemann in his book on ‘ THE CHRONIC DISEASES’ stated that Miasms are responsible for all diseases of a chronic nature. Miasms are created through the use of suppressive medicine or other environmental factors.
No two individuals are alike. Each and every person is different. In Homeopathy, medicine differs from person to person. If there are two patients having fever, one patient may like to drink small quantity of water at shorter interval, he may have sip by sip water after few minutes, whereas the other person may have one or two glasses of water after one or two hours. Even if both the patients would cover themselves while sleeping, one would like to keep his head and feet uncovered, whereas the other person would keep cover himself from head to toe. Thus, the medicine will differ in both the patients with similar complaints.
In Homeopathy, complete ‘Cure’ takes place and the symptoms are not suppressed.
The fundamental laws of Homeopathy are
Law of Similars : Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURRENTUR’ which means ‘LIKE CURES LIKE’.
A substance which is capable of producing symptoms of an illness in an healthy individual also has the capacity to cure the illness when given in an infinitesimal dose (small dose). We find it’s reference in ancient Hindu medical texts and also in the writings of Aristotle, Hippocrates, Paracelsus and others.
Law of minimum dose: A smallest dose is necessary to stimulate the life force. The medicinal substances are diluted with water or ethyl alcohol and by the method of succussion( shaking the medicine vigorously and banging on a hard surface ) energy is released. Potency of the medicine is determined, more the dilution, more potent is the medicine.
Direction of cure: Cure takes place from above downwards,
* From within outward,
* From more important organ to less important organ,
* In the reverse order of appearance of a disease.
* The symptom which is first to appear is the last to disappear.
TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS : In Homeopathy totality of symptoms is considered. After a detail case taking all the symptoms are considered. They are analyzed by a process known as repertorisation and a single remedy( constitutional medicine) is selected and given to the patient.
Homeopathic medicines are prepared from plant kingdom, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom etc. by a process known as potentization. Drugs are diluted by a method called as succussion or trituration. The dose of the medicine is reduced progressively on centesimal and later on millesimal scale with an inert substance like sugar of milk or alcohol as the diluting medium. This method is known as potentization, as it increases the potency of the drugs to act as remedial agents.
The process of potentization releases energy which restores the lost balance through the use of similar force.
Homeopathic medicines are safe as the original substance is present in minimum dose. The original substance is not traceable in Homeopathic medicines after potentization. Cure takes place through the dynamic energy that is liberated during the process of potentization. The energy stimulates the deranged vital force (life force) to come back to normal healthy state.
Patient is advised to avoid raw onion, garlic or any strong smelling substance.
Avoid drinking coffee . All these substances may act as an antidote to Homeopathic medicines.