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Homeopathy is extremely useful in treating Hypertension and diabetes in early stage as soon as it is detected.

Homeopathy believes in individualisation. Individualisation is essential as every individual is different, his lifestyle, eating habits are different. In Homeopathy case taking is done to find out the right Homeopathic remedy.

Important four steps which help in controlling High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Balanced diet


Yoga and Meditation


Treatment at our clinic will include six consultations and follow up to maintain the normal levels and prevent complications.

First Consultation

Case taking to find out the right Homeopathic medicine.

During case taking mental symptoms of the patient are considered. It takes 45-50 minutes for case taking.

During case all the minute details of the patient are considered. His mental symptoms, physical symptoms ,ups and downs he faced in his life, his nature, his emotions, day to day stress, all this is considered and noted.

After analysis and evaluation of symptoms a remedy is selected and administered. After administering Homeopathic medicines the person feels better mentally and physically.

Regular monitoring of B.P. is done.

Investigations are adviced and follow up is maintained.

Thus B.P. and diabetes CAN BE CONTROLLED

Second Consultation

Balanced diet : In India there are different religions and diet of every individual is different. A detail study is made by taking into consideration the amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins , vitamins, folic acid, minerals the patient is consuming in his diet.

Deficiencies are noted and diet is planned by considering his likes, dislikes, his lifestyle and religion.

Third consultation

Exercise : Advice on exercise and Yoga will be given considering the patient’s lifestyle and age.

Fourth Consultation

Help the patient in maintaining a diary.

Maintaining notes helps to know the difficulties patient is facing while following the prescribed diet or exercise and try to simplify or modify it.

Fifth Consultation

Investigations : Investigations to be carried out to know the improvement in the patient.

If satisfactory improvement is there encourage the patient to follow the same advice and medications

If no improvement re-case taking is done.

Sixth consultation

FOLLOW UP :Advice regarding maintaining the normal levels. Advice on wellness and tips to remain healthy and happy

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